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Rumor Has It
This is Robin, with your daily low-down and dirrrty NuTang gossip. I often write BS on a daily basis, and this aint no exception. So, come one, come all, don't ever hesitate to confess yo' mess!
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I'm Back!!!
Monday. 12.4.06 10:37 pm
Hello fellow Nutangians! I apologize for the prolonged absence; however, my case of the flu turned into pneumonia and thus I've been confined to my bed for nearly the past month. Well kiddies, the moral to this story is to take your meds!

Anyyit, I've gotten around to doling out PPS. If I missed you because you posted on forums, please total up what I owe you and send me a note.

The recommendations and flyer opportunities are still open.

And in good old DailyDish fashion, I've got a nice scoop on Dave's wife! That I will share with you laterzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Sooo slow
Wednesday. 11.8.06 11:40 am
Hey everyone, sorry about being so slow with dishing out the PPS! I've just recovered from the flu ; however, please do keep the recommendations coming. I'm still ponying up the 25 PPS for 'em.

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EveryDayVids & Youtube Vids
Thursday. 11.2.06 12:03 pm
Ouch. No Pizza for you.

Rock on biatches.

What's your favorite Everydayvid or YouTube vid??? 25 pps for your submission. Contest ends tomorrow at midnight.

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Tuesday. 10.24.06 11:41 am
Please keep the recommendations coming! I'll be distributing PPS later tonight because of time constraints, so I apologize for the delay.

Remember, 25 PPS per recommendation that you make! Please send me a note as soon as you recommend an entry with your reason for the recommendation. This is an unlimited opportunity.

Thank you, and enjoy!

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Disappearing Dave
Friday. 10.20.06 2:17 am
Contrary to Dave's claim about being at a "career fair" on Thursday, the NuTang-arazzi has actually just sent me an interesting picture.

*Tsk Tsk...Dave's nose is probably longer than Pinocchio's as we speak.

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Toe Loving Thursday
Thursday. 10.19.06 4:21 pm
How about a scavenger hunt, eh? 25 pps for every member that comments on this entry with a picture of, or a link to a picture of a toe/toes.

If you're going to post a picture, use this code:
<img src="imagelinkgoeshere">

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